Pros and Cons of Windows Phone 8


Microsoft has unveiled features of Windows Phone 8  in Windows Phone Developer Summit in San Francisco. As Windows Phone 8 is getting support for dual-core CPU’s , removable microSD support, Direct3D, encryption and secure boot features, integration of Nokia maps with OS and other features adding a huge advantage to Windows Phone 8

As Windows Phone 8 will be shipped with a “shared core” with Windows 8 meaning that WP8 will share the same kernel, hardware drivers and “hardware-based security” of Windows  8 which ultimately provide support for multicore processors and proves beneficial in Business.

Advantage of new screen resolution will provide opportunity to optimize their apps with higher resolution imagery . Integration of Nokia Map Technology will provide a great user experience with its offline support.

And allowing support for C and C++ code in Windows Phone 8 will surely attract developers to write code for Apps and Games for WP8.

But the biggest disadvantage is that Current devices won’t be able to run Windows Phone 8  and the update (Windows Phone 7.8) which they are providing to their customers will only change the Start Screen UI of the devices which will surely disappoint customers. Adding to the woes it might affect the sales as well.

Hope that Microsoft won’t disappoint current Windows Phone users and provide them necessary updates so that they won’t have to pay more…

Have a look of the start screen of Windows Phone 8