How to find who unfriended you on Facebook

Sometimes when you log in into your Facebook account you have noticed a drop in your friends count and you’ll be eager to know which one of your friend has removed you from his list and this task will become tough if you have lot of friends. Officially Facebook haven’t provided any option by which you can get to know about this. Whatever the reason is, here’s how you can track who unfriended you on Facebook.

unfriended you on Facebook

Actually there may be several reasons because of which your friends might have unfriended you on Facebook :

  • Either they doesn’t like what you are sharing with them,
  • or they might have shut down or temporarily disable their account.

Basically we have two different methods for you by which you can track and get notified when someone unfriend you.

First by using Social Fixer for Facebook extension :

Social Fixer for Facebook

  • First head towards where the Social Fixer for Facebook extension is available for almost all the browsers.
  • You can download the extension for the particular browser you use.
  • When the installation of the extension completes, open your Facebook account.
  • After Login you can find an option named Friend tracker on the right side below Facebook Ticker.
  • So whenever someone unfriended you his/her name will be listed there.

Second is by using FB Unfriend Finder (Pro) :

When you try to track the person who unfriend you using FB Unfinder Finder (Pro) you have to follow different steps for different browsers. Here Below we;ll see the steps for mainly two Browsers 1.) Google Chrome 2.) Mozilla Firefox.

For Google Chrome users :

Basically Google Chrome won’t allow you to add or install any extension or script if it is not available in the Chrome Web Store. It will show you an error like “Extensions, apps, and user scripts cannot be installed from this web site.” So to use FB Unfinder Finder (Pro) just follow the simple steps provided below :

  • First head towards here and download the script of FB Unfinder Finder (Pro).
  • Then check out this post to know how to install the Extensions or scripts that aren’t available in Chrome Web Store.
  • After installing the script Login into your Facebook account.
  • After Login, check if you can find an option named unfriends on the left side in your Favorites list.
  • If yes then click on it, and you’ll be provided the names of the persons who unfriended you.

For Mozilla Firefox users :

  • First you need to download and install an add-on named Greasemonkey.
  • When installation completes, restart your browser.
  • Then head towards here and click on install button to download the script of FB Unfinder Finder (Pro).
  • When you Click on the install button option, then the Greasemonkey installation window appears.

Greasemonkey installation window

  • Then again click on install button and you’ll get a notification that FB Unfinder Finder (Pro) has installed successfully.
  • Now you’ll find an icon of Greasemonkey on the right top corner of Mozilla.
  • Then click on the drop down arrow there and choose Manage user script option and check whether the script is enabled on not.
  • If not, then enable it.
  • Next Login into your Facebook account and on the left side in your Favorites list  check if you’re able to see an option named unfriends.
  • If yes then click on it, and you’ll be provided the names of the persons who unfriended you.

Thats all.. hope this helps.. Share your views with us by commenting below.

  • lpfan

    the best way is create a list “list01” then add all your frnds to it..add everytime when you make/recieve a frnd request.. goto list you created and click “manage list” -> “edit list”.. then facebook lists the people who are currently not your frnd on top of the list.. :)

  • asa

    Hmmm.. If only there was a FAVORITS list! How do you actually see this app? Thanks.

  • vinay035

    Hey Guys,

    Check this app

    This app notify you with a facebook notification when ever you are unfriended by any of your friend.